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Green Bay Packers — the only non – profit NFL team that is owned by the public. As of 2014, Green Bay Packers had won a total of 13 league titles, top record in NFL history.

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers jersey 2018
Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers jersey 2018

Founded in 1919, as the third-longest history team in the National Football League (NFL), if you don’t possess a set of Green Bay Packers Jerseys, you are not a qualified fan. And as the first two Super Bowl championships, Green Bay Packers is doomed to be remembered. And In memory of the coach of the team — Vince Lombardi, NFL named the league trophy “Vince Lombardi Trophy” in 1969.

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Aaron Rodgers — two-time MVP, also the player with the highest Passer Rating in NFL history. In 2011, Rodgers, in his Aaron Rodgers Jersey , leaded his team to win the league title, with his perfect performance.

And as the hero assistants, Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews also spared no efforts to score every touchdown, field goal and extra point. Surrounded by thousands of fans in Cheap NFL Jerseys during Super Bowl XLV, everybody running on the court fight for glory. Charles Woodson Jersey and Clay Matthews Jersey seems inconspicuous, but without their fierce block and forward passes, the way to champion may not be that smooth.

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What makes a great team? Dominant super stars? Excellent individual capacity? History teaches us glory belonging to the team that serve for the group. Good chemistry of group makes great team.

Green Bay Packers Jerseys 2018
Green Bay Packers Jerseys 2018

And that is why people would like to dress in Aaron Rodgers Jersey, for he is the top player of the team, and more than that, Rodgers know how to sacrifice for the group.

Green Bay Packers owns glorious history, and that is the true wealth for the development of great team. Be proud of a Green Bay Packers’ man! And be proud of the Green Bay Packers Jerseys you putting on. We expect to the day that all Green Bay Packers’ boys stand in the Super Bowl again, dressed in green and yellow jerseys, to fight for glories like their predecessors did, to create their own history.